Product Placement Awards 2010

The votes are in! Brandchannel has been counting the logos-turned-towards-the-camera in the top box office movies of 2010. Overall winner (again) is Apple, with its products appearing in 30% of no.1 movies. The movie with the most product placements is Iron Man 2, with 64 identifiable brands.

Product placement is very much here to stay in movies, although Brandchannel identifies a slight downward trend in the number of different products featured in a movie – the average number of brands making a cameo per film last year was 17.9. That’s perhaps because brand managers are getting more adept at weaving a brand through a whole movie (as Budweiser does with The Fighter) rather than producers taking a scattershot approach (“what can we ram into this scene?”).

And this year’s lifetime achievement award goes to Glock: consistently fĂȘted and fetishized by American movies, with taglines like “Rock out with your Glock out”, it’s sad and fitting that a brand of gun provides the ultimate synergy of marketing and filmmaking.

Brandcameo Product Placement Awards – Brand Channel

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