Parents Television Council slams ‘sexualisation’ of girls on TV

Front Cover of Teen Girls Sexualization study, December 2010While the roles for actresses over 40 might be getting better, this report from the PTC makes disturbing reading. Check out their video montage of what they think constitutes a disturbing trend. Glee comes in for particular criticism, especially in the wake of the controversial GQ photo shoot.

“PTC found that when underage female characters appear on screen: more sexual content is depicted; the teen girls show next to no negative response to being sexualized; more sexual incidents occur outside of any form of a committed relationship; and there is less accuracy in the TV content rating.

“The results from this report show Tinseltown’s eagerness to not only objectify and fetishize young girls, but to sexualize them in such a way that real teens are led to believe their sole value comes from their sexuality. This report is less about the shocking numbers that detail the sickness of early sexualization in our entertainment culture and more about the generation of young girls who are being told how society expects them to behave,” said PTC President Tim Winter.” (PTC Press Release)

The Hollywood Reporter has the story here.